Team Building

Are you looking for an opportunity for unique corporate team-building? Celebrating a special milestone? Let us help! Painting is fun. It requires no experience and when you’re done you have a finished piece you can be proud of.

Your group can have a relaxing and rewarding team-building experience while painting pottery. Learn about your co-workers while creating a unique piece to keep or give as a special gift. We’re happy to customise the event to fit your needs.
Bring the team to our studio we have two spacious complimentary party rooms, or we will bring our studio to your office, the choice is yours. Contact us at or call on 0118 9794006.

Suggested ideas:

Corporate Wall Mural – Each person paints a six inch tile. These tiles can that be grouted on to one of the office walls to create a personalised corporate wall mural.

Hey! Where’s my mug – Plan a coffee mug painting party and end the lost coffee mug blues.

Paint It Your Way – Offers a creative outing and stress relief. Select any piece of pottery from our wide selection and create your own design.

It Takes Two – Designed to foster communication and teamwork. Each person has to paint what their partner describes.

Take your Pick – Team members names are put in a hat along with their hobbies, interests, etc. each person takes a turn to pick from the box, they then have to paint either a plate or mug designed to describe the person they have picked.

Paint and Pass – Team members start painting an item, then at a pre-defined time or interval; they pass the item along to someone else for them to continue.

Contact us at or call us on 0118 9794006.