Baby prints

Children grow so very quickly it is easy to forget how tiny they once were. At Pottery Pals we offer you the chance to capture the memory with a plaster print of a hand and/or foot. Our experienced staff will take an impression; we’ll then make a plaster cast and paint with an antique white, pewter or bronzed finish.

There is an option to choose from one of our box-frames.

£30.00 – unframed single.
£45.00 – unframed double.
£70.00 – 8 x 8  framed double.

(Please allow approx. 3/4 weeks for your finished item to be ready)

We also welcome commissions for family groups or adult outprints. In addition to holding studio based outprint sessions, we also visit community groups such as parent and toddler, nurseries and play schools.

Booking is essential – please contact us for further information.