Corporate Events

Team Building

If you are looking for a corporate team-building event or celebrating a special milestone we can help! Painting is a great fun and stress busting activity. It requires no experience and when you’re done you have a finished piece you can be proud of.

We can customise the event to fit your needs or you can simply paint selected items from our large selection in the studio. Bring the team to our studio or we will bring our studio to your office, the choice is yours.


  • £6.00 per head + the cost of items selected to paint within the studio.
  • £15.00 per head which includes a basic item of pottery ie mug/plate/bowl at your office.

Mileage may be charge separately depending on distance.

Items are painted on site then taken back to our studio for firing, we deliver your finished pottery one week later.

Suggested ideas:

Where’s my mug – Create a personalized mug and end the lost coffee mug blues.

Paint it your way – Select any piece of pottery from our wide selection and create your own design.

Take your pick – Team members names are put in a hat along with their hobbies, interests, etc. each person someone from the box, they then have to paint either a plate or mug designed to describe the person they have picked.

Paint and pass – Team members start painting an item, then at a pre-defined time or interval; they pass the item along to someone else for them to continue.