Pottery painting

How it works:

  • Select the piece you’d like to paint.
  • Choose your colours and design.
  • Paint your item.
  • Leave it with us to glaze and fire.
  • Come back the following week and pick up your masterpiece.

What It Costs

We have a studio fee of £4.00 per painter. Covering your session in the studio, paints, glazing and firing plus the cost of whatever you paint. (From £3 – £40).

Grown Ups Evening

We host a grown up evening on the 1st Wednesday and 3rd Friday of every month. These run from 7pm - 10pm. The cost is £6 per painter plus the cost of the item chosen to paint. You're welcome to bring refreshments and nibbles with you to enhance your artistic skills. Complimentary hot drinks are available too. Please book in advance as these evenings are very popular.

Underglaze Paint 

This paint is used for decorating pottery in which is applied to the surface before it is covered with a transparent ceramic glaze and fired in a kiln. The paints are non-toxic and food safe. Underglazed items are left with us to fire in our kilns. They are ready for collection from the studio one week later.

Acrylic Paint 

These paints are ideal for figurines and ornaments if you wish to paint and take home on the day.
Items decorated with acrylic paints are not water or food safe. The acrylics are sealed with a varnish which takes approx 15 mins to dry.

Help is at Hand 

Our friendly staff are available to offer advice on how to get started, and will be on hand to give assistance should you require it. There are several painted items around the studio to inspire you, plus design books, sponges, stencils, and tools for making unlimited patterns.